July 15, 2015

Metal Detector (v1.6) manual

Hello. I'm Android Boy, the chief developer at Smart Tools co,.

This metal detecting app is a tool that measures magnetic field levels with an embedded compass sensor (magnetometer). The app shows its vector data on the screen. Many users are using it to find electrical wires and studs in the wall.

The magnetic field level in nature is about 49μT (490mG). When any metal is near, the number will be increased. 

The accuracy of metal detector depends on the performance of your sensors exactly. If the app doesn't work as expected, please check the specifications and reset the sensor.

※ Introduction video

※ How to use
  - No special usage. Just open the app, and go around. The number will be changed. That's it.
  - The magnetic sensor responds to electronic products (TV, PC) by electromagnetic waves.

※ How to reset the sensor
  - Point your device up towards the sky and move it in a figure 8 pattern. Please watch the YouTube video below.

※ Color grades in the chart
① Green : Normal. Magnetic field level in nature within tolerance.
② Blue : Too low. The magnetic sensor is weakened or disturbed by external interference.
③ Red : Too high. There is a metal object nearby. If the value is very high (+170μT),  vibration will occur. Click the stop icon to stop it. You can turn off the alarm in the app bar.

※ If the app does not work...
 - Some brand-new devices have no compass sensor. Please check the specs.

 - Leather cases with a magnetic "snap" can make the sensor out of order.

 - Restarting will be helpful for resetting it.

 - If not solved, consider visiting your mobile phone manufacturer's CS center.

 - How old is your phone? The built-in sensor are easily aged after 3 years. Replacing a weakened battery with a new one is helpful.

※ Settings
 - Sound effect 
 - Vibration
 - Alarm on/off
   1) Alarm level : select an alarm threshold.
   2) Beep sound : select a beep sound.

※ How to change the style
Click the more menu (3 dots) at the upper right corner. Black(default), blue, red and green are available.

Q. This app does not work. The number is zero (0).
A. Your device has no compass sensor.

Q. Can it find gold or silver?
A. Maybe not. Pure gold and silver are classified as Non-ferrous metals without magnetic fields. If it reacts, it means that a metal such as iron is involved.

Q. It does not react to coins.
A. Most coins are made of zinc, copper and aluminum.

Q. Can it find a hidden camera and ghost?
A. If they generate magnetic (electric) fields, this app can catch them. A lot of ghost hunters had downloaded this app, and they had experimented as a ghost detector.

Q. How far is the effective range?
A. The range depends on the performance of embedded sensor exactly. Most metal detector can detect up to 3-5 inches (10-15 cm).

※Pro version added features
 1) Smart Compass is integrated
 2) No ads
 Get it on Google Play

What's new
 - v1.6 : Style (blue, red, green)
 - v1.5.13: Support for OS 13
 - v1.4.3 : Sound of/off icon
 - v1.4.2 : Overlay theme
 - v1.4.0 : Drawer update
 - v1.4 : Material design
 - v1.3 : Actionbar added
 - v1.2 : Support for Tablet PC
 - v1.1 : Alarm sound added
 - v1.0 : Released (Aug, 2011)

My apps are auxiliary tools for reference, just enjoy them.

If you have any ideas to improve the app, feel free to contact me at androidboy1@gmail.com. Thank you.