November 13, 2010

Vibration Meter (ver 1.4) manual

Vibration meter is Smart Tools series Part 4. about the vibration.

This app uses your phone sensors to measure phone's vibration or the earthquake, and shows a reference.

* Introduction video

The measured value is the Modified Mercalli Intensity scale(MMI), and just for reference.

< the Modified Mercalli Intensity scale(MMI) >

I : Instrumental. Felt by animals.
II : Weak. Felt indoors by a few people.
III : Slight. Felt indoors by several people.
IV : Moderate. Hanging objects swing.
V : Rather Strong. Some dishes broken.
VI : Strong. Heavy furniture moved.
VII : Very Strong. Difficult to stand.
VIII : Destructive. Fall of walls.
IX : Violent. Noticeable cracks in ground.
X : Intense. Almost destroyed.
XI : Extreme. Rails bent greatly.
XII : Cataclysmic. Total destruction.

To reset Max, long-click on the chart.
The measured value is for reference due to various performance and sensitivity.

To calibrate the values, after shaking your phone fully, adjust the sensitivity at the calibrate menu so that the max value is about 10-11.

* What's New?
  - v1.4 : Alarm level added.
  - v1.3 : new icon. minor fix.
  - v1.2 : more models are calibrated.
  - v1.1 : Cut Baseline for calibration
  - v1.0.1 : mean value added
  - v1.0 : Smart Vibration Meter release

* Pro version added features
  1) Statistic menu
  2) Screen capture
  3) Sound Level Meter Pro version is included
  4) More models are calibrated.
  5) No ads.

If you want more, get the [Sound Meter Pro] or [Smart Tools].