April 11, 2014

The latest updates (Mar-Apr, 2014)

* Pending update.
  - I'm  preparing a barometer and lux meter app.

* Apr 11, 2014
  Smart Tools v1.6.7 : Support SGS5.
  Smart Distance Pro v2.2.3 : Screen capture. Support SGS5.

* Apr 07, 2014
   Smart Compass Pro v2.5.7 : Minor update.

* Mar 31, 2014
   Unit Converter v1.1.0 : Minor bug fix

* Mar 28, 2014
   Unit Converter Pro v2.1.0 : Minor bug fix
   Smart Compass lite v1.5.8 : More models calibrated.

* Mar 21, 2014
   Unit Converter Pro v2.1 : Currency (exchange rate) added.
   Smart Flashlight v1.3 : Timeout added, settings updated.

* Mar 12, 2014
  Smart Magnifier v1.1.3 : Rotating camera view.
  Smart Mirror v1.1.2 : More models calibrated.

* Mar 07, 2014
  Smart Measure lite v1.5.7 : More models calibrated (QVGA).

* Mar 01, 2014
  Sound Meter Pro v2.4.5 : More models calibrated (QVGA).
  Sound Meter Lite v1.5.7 : More models calibrated (QVGA).
  Metal Detector v1.3.4 : Minor fix
  Smart Flashlight v1.2.6 : Minor fix. Battery temperature.

** Many users suggested timer, EMF detector, stop-watch, GPS speedometer...
** When you have any idea to improve these apps, feel free to contact me.

April 7, 2014

I got a Samsung Galaxy S5.

Hello. I'm Androidboy.

Yesterday I received a SGS 5 phone. The appearance is same to SGS4. Several biometrics features are added. If you had SGS3-4 or Nexus 4-5, there is no need to buy it.

Anyway I'll do my best to calibrate my apps on it.

March 1, 2014

Currency feature in Unit converter

Hello. I'm a android boy.

I almost finished to develope a currency rate feature in unit tool.
In order to refresh the latest data, an internet connection is required.
It cannot be integrated into the package app. The free version will have a half features of it (my region, majors).

December 15, 2013

Unit Converter Pro (ver 2.1) manual

Hello. I'm android boy, a chief of developing team of Smart Tools co.,

Unit Converter pro is the ad-free version with more features. Ads are replaced by useful messages (such as 1km=1000m, 1inch=25.4mm).
In March 2014, currency feature is added. It requires internet permission to refresh exchange rates. Therefore currency feature will be removed in the package app.

* Introduction video

* Supported Units list
 ① Basic : length (distance), area, weight (mass), volume (capacity)
 ② Life : exchange rate, temperature, time, speed
 ③ Science : pressure, force, work (energe), power
 ④ Misc. : angle, data, fuel consumption

* How to use it
 1) Select the category (Basic / Life / Science / Misc.)
 2) Select one of 4 groups of units.
 3) Select an unit by LONGCLICK on the list or click the selector.
 4) Input the number with a keypad.

* Currency (exchange rates)
 - 92 currencies of 120+ countries.
 - [My currency] is set automatically depending on your phone carrier and language.
 - You can select a region with the list on the actionbar. All / Majors / Europe...

 - The refresh icon takes the latest exchange rates from our servers.
 - The exchange rates are based on the Money Converter and Back of canada.

* Landscape mode
If your device is a tablet PC or a smartphone with high-resolution(at least 960x540), this app supports the landscape mode.
Go menu > landscape.

* What's new?
 - v2.1 : currecy (exchange rates)
 - v2.0.3 : mmH2O, kgf/cm2
 - v2.0.2 : km/min, dm^3, km/gal(US), pints, quarts
 - v2.0.1 : inchHg, MW, cup, fluid oz (US)
 - v2.0.0 : packet, deg.min.sec, cup
 - v2.0 : release (Dec 24, 2013)

When you have an unit that is essential to your job, feel free to contact me.
androidboy1@gmail.com Thanks.