January 6, 2017

New icons for material design

At the end of 2016, I changed all my icons. They became simple and bright.

Happy new year !!

December 26, 2016

I bought a Moto G4.

Hello. I'm Androidboy.

This month I bought Moto G4 phone from Amazon, that is a cheap and popular device.

Hundreds of my users asked the reason why the device isn't compatible with my package app. It has no compass sensor. Therefore some of my apps (compass, metal detector, rangefinder) do not work on it. Google play is removing this device automatically from the available list.

April 5, 2016

I got a Samsung Galaxy S7.

Hello. I'm Androidboy.

Today I received a Galaxy S7 phone. The appearance is same to SGS 6. The display is clearer. But there is nothing great. (-:

I'm going to do my best to calibrate my apps on it.

February 18, 2016

Smart Compass Pro v2.6 (for package)

Hello. I'm Android Boy. Thank you for your visit.

Smart Compass Pro is the 3rd set of Smart Tools suite. It includes 3 tools (Compass, GPS, Metal Detector) and has 4 major features below.
1) Although you turn your device into portrait or landscape, the heading is fixed.
2) Camera view is used for reality.
3) Metal Detector is included to verify the sensors.
4) GPS is supported.

※ Introduction video

Ⅰ. Compass
 1) Standard (default) : camera on/off
 2) Telescope : camera zoom
 3) Night : dim backlight, red text
 4) Digital : without center wheel
 - Lensatic compass (pitch, roll)
 - Azimuth types : Degree, Mil, Quadrants and Back Azimuth
 - You can turn on/off camera view

※ Background image
  - [Background image] option can show recent 50 thumb nails from your gallery.

  - When the picture that you want to select does not appear, rename its name as "compass.png" or "compass.jpg". Then it will appear at the beginning.

※ If the compass is not accurate ...
- The compass accuracy depends on the performance of your sensors exactly. If the direction is wrong, it means that one of your sensors is poor or out of order. Don't blame compass apps.
- Confirm that the magnetic field is normal. It is about 49μT in nature. If it is out of bounds, initialize the sensor. Point your phone up towards the sky and move it in a figure 8 pattern.

- Since 2014, samsung view covers with a magnet or a leather cases with a magnetic snap used to cause unwanted results.

- I had a Galaxy Ace phone that was 3 years old. It was very inaccurate. To my surprise, it worked perfectly after replacing the battery with new one.

※ Acceleration sensor turn On/Off
- This compass requires many sensors (acceleration sensors, magnetic sensor, orientation sensor) to improve direction features. When this becomes inaccurate, it means that one of your sensors is poor.

- I had heard that several Motorola devices(Droid X, DROID RAZR, DROID BIONIC...) had this issue. To solve this issue, turn off [Acceleration sensor] option. It makes my app use only an orientation sensor.

※ Sharing function
- Before taking a screenshot, the share icon can send your location via email.
- After taking a screenshot, you can share the screenshot via SNS.

GPS can support 5 main features
 1) True north
 2) Various Coordinate types
 3) Qibla finder, Car locator
 4) GPS Speedometer
 5) Share you location

※ True north vs. Magnetic north
  - When you turn on [True North] option, this app will calculate true north with your GPS location.
  - When GPS is available, the app will show "True north : xx˚ ". xx means "magnetic declination". Positive means that magnetic field is rotated east that much from true north.

  - If true north does not appear, please activate GPS hardware.
  - To confirm your magnetic declination, visit this website. File:World Magnetic Declination 2010.pdf

※ Qibla finder / Car locator
- If you are a muslim, you can use this feature as a Qibla (Mecca) finder.
- Otherwise, you can use it as a car-locator.

- When you park your car in a parking lot, open [input location] menu and click [Here] button so as to save current location. You can use this feature as various destination finders. (home, office, ...)

- The grey icon shows the list of inputted locations.

※ Network GPS ??
- When your device cannot receive your location from GPS satellites in the sky, this compass can get your location from your telecom carrier. It is called as [Network GPS].

- Network GPS is the auxiliary GPS via Wi-Fi, IP-address and 3G(4G). It cannot get the alititude and error tolerance will occur within 150m - 2.5km.

Ⅲ. Metal Detector

This app measures magnetic field values using the magnetic sensor that is built into your device. The magnetic field level (EMF) in nature is about 49μT(microtesla) or 490mG (milligauss); 1μT = 10mG. If there is any metal in the area, the strength of the magnetic field should increase. Among other uses, it can be helpful in finding electrical wires in the wall and a spade under the ground.

Usage is simple: Just open this app, and move it around; The magnetic field values will constantly fluctuate. That's it!

The accuracy depends entirely on a magnetic sensor in your device. Note that the magnetic sensor is affected by electronic equipment (TVs, PCs, etc.) due to electromagnetic waves.

 Color grades of chart
① Green : Magnetic field level in nature within tolerance.

② Blue : Too low. The sensor might be weakened because of phone heating and age. You should cool down your phone. Otherwise, replace the battery with new one.

③ Red : Too high. There is a metal object nearby. If the value is very high (+170μT), a vibration occurs. To stop it, click a stop icon. You can turn on alarm sound at the settings.

※ Settings
 - Alarm level : Select the threshold value of alert.
 - Beep sound : choose from 4 different sound types.

Q. The compass does not work or says "MAGNETIC Sensor Error".
A. Some devices have no magnetic sensor. Please check your specifications carefully. Otherwise, your built-in sensor was out of order.

Q. The compass shows the wrong direction.
A. The reason is that your built-in sensors are unstable and weakened by time. In order to initialize them (point your device up towards the sky and move it in a figure 8 motion).

Q. What is the orange triangle?
A. It denotes the topside of your device.

Q. Can the metal detector find a hidden camera and ghost?
A. If they generate magnetic (electric) field, it is possible to search them. Many users used this app to find electrical wires in the wall.

Q. Where is the screenshot stored?
A. /storage/sdcard0/smart-tools/, /mnt/sdcard/smart-tools/, /storage/emulated/0/smart-tools/. Surely, you can find your screenshots in your Gallery.

 What's new
 - v2.6.1 : Material design
 - v2.5.1 : Screen capture, Share with
 - v2.5 : ActionBar, Portrait mode
 - v2.4 : Qibla finder
 - v2.3.3 : True North, UTM coordinate
 - v2.3 : Accellation Sensor on/off
 - v2.2 : Tablet PCs support
 - v2.0 : Smart Compass Pro released (Oct, 2010)

If you have any idea to improve it, feel free to contact me. androidboy1@gmail.com
Thank you.

January 29, 2016

Smart Ruler Pro (ver 2.6) manual

Hello. I'm android boy, the chief developer of Smart Tools co,.

Smart Ruler Pro is the 1st set of Smart Tools suite. It is a collection of the 6 tools (ruler, 3 protractors, surface level, thread pitch guage).

※ Introduction video

Ⅰ. Ruler : for length, by touch
single touch

multi-touch, horizontal x vertical ON

Ⅱ. Touch Protractor : for angle, by touch
single touch, multi-touch

Ⅲ. Plumb Protractor : for slope, by plumb
- zero calibration : click the icon to set to zero.
- locking plumb : touch anywhere on the screen. Red "Holding..." text will blink.

Ⅳ. Camera Protractor : for tilt, by camera
- B/W : change the line and text color

Ⅴ. Surface level : for horizon, by balls

Ⅵ. Thread pitch : metric, US, NPT, BSPT, Screws

 Menu & Setttings

- Scale option for maps and drawings. input [Scale] at the settings.

※ Orientation sensor ??
Most protractor and level apps are using only an acceleration sensor. But this way has restrictions. When the slop is bigger than 60 degrees, the measurement can be inaccurate.

This app provides the best solution. Orientation sensor!! It calculates tilt using both magnetic sensor and acceleration sensor. The result becomes more reliable. I recommend that you turn on this option. But some custom ROM and non-magnetic devices cannot activate orientation sensor. Please check your specifications.

 Measure longer object than your screen (ruler)

 Caliper mode (thread)
 touch the screen with 2 fingers

Q. The screen width is not correct.
A. Click [Calibrate] icon on the actionbar. You can input your correct width (long-side, not diagonal).

Q. The level does not work.
A. Several OS2.3 and custom ROM had this issue. Turn off [Orientation sensor] option at the settings.

Q. I cannot recalibrate the level.
A. You can reset all settings. Go menu > Reset settings.

 What's new
  - v2.6.0 : Sound effect, new icon
  - v2.6 : Material design
  - v2.5 : ActionBar
  - v2.3 : Thread pitch gauge
  - v2.1 : Multi-touch
  - v2.0 : Smart Ruler Pro released (Oct. 2010)

If you have any idea to improve it, feel free to contact me. androidboy1@gmail.com
Thank you.