December 17, 2015

Smart Compass (v1.8) manual

Hello. I'm Android Boy.

Smart Compass is a tool to search bearings (direction, azimuth) using a magnetic sensor in your device. You can select either magnetic north or true north.

It has 4 major features.
 1) Although you turn your device into portrait or landscape mode, the heading is fixed.
 2) Camera view for reality.
 3) It shows magnetic field level to verify embedded sensors.
 4) GPS and Google Maps are supported.

※ Introduction video

※ Compass modes
  1) Standard (default) : camera on/off
  2) Telescope : binoculars, camera zoom
  3) Night : make screen dim, red <-> green toggle
  4) Digital : no center wheel
  5) Google Maps
  6) Google Maps (satellite)

※ Wrong direction ???
  - The compass accuracy depends on the performance of your sensors. If the direction is incorrect, it means that one of your sensors is poor or out of order. Don't blame compass apps.

  - Confirm that magnetic field is normal (about 49μT in nature). If it is out of bounds, initialize your sensor. Point your device up towards the sky and move it in a figure 8 pattern. Please watch the YouTube video below.

  - Since 2014, Samsung view covers with a magnet or a leather cases with a magnetic snap used to cause unwanted results.

  - The direction may be wrong when the battery level is low. Please charge the battery fully.  I had a Galaxy Ace phone that I used for 5 years. It was very inaccurate. To my surprise, it worked perfectly after replacing the battery.

※ Menu & Settings

※ Background image
  - [Background image] option can show recent 50 thumb nails from your gallery.

  - When the picture that you want to select does not appear, rename its name as "compass.png" or "compass.jpg". Then it will appear at the beginning.

※ Acceleration sensor turn on/off
  - My compass requires 2-3 sensors (acceleration sensor, magnetic sensor, orientation sensor) to improve the performance.

  - If your device had unstable sensors, the direction could be inaccurate. I had heard that several Motorola devices (Droid X, RAZR, BIONIC...) had this issue.
  - In this case, turn off [Acceleration sensor] option. This app will use an orientation sensor only.

※ True north vs. Magnetic north
  - When you turn on [True North] at the settings, this app will calculate true north with your GPS location.
  - When GPS is available, the app will show "True north : xx˚ ". xx means "magnetic declination". Positive means that magnetic field is rotated east that much from true north.

  - If true north does not appear, please activate GPS hardware.
  - To confirm your magnetic declination, visit this website. File:World Magnetic Declination 2010.pdf

※ How to save battery
  - Turn off [Camera] and [GPS] at the settings.
  - Select [Slow] in sensor response option
  - Never use the Home button to exit the app. To close the app completely, use More menu > Exit

Q. The compass does not work or says "Magnetic Sensor Error!!".
A. Some new devices (Galaxy J, Moto G4, Micromax ...) have no magnetic sensor. Please check your specs.

Q. The compass works, but it shows wrong direction.
A. I guess that your embedded sensors are unstable and weakened by time.  Reboot your device and initialized your sensor, go menu -> calibration menu.

Q. GPS information does not appear.
A. Some firmware has GPS hardware trouble. First, restart your device and check location settings.

Q. True north does not appear.
A. The app can calculate true north after GPS is activated.

Q. How to run auto-focusing and camera zoom?
A. Press volume buttons on the side of your device.

Q. Why does this app require internet connection?
A. The connection is required for Google Maps and ads.

Q. What is the orange triangle?
A. It denotes the topside of your device. No matter how you hold the compass in portrait or landscape or even cross but it should be in vertical condition.

Q. How to mute video ads?
A. Turn off [Sound effect] at the settings.

※ Pro version additional features:
 1) No ads
 2) Direction (Qibla finder, car locator) features
 3) Sharing your location and screenshots via SNS and email
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 What's new
 - v1.8 :  Sensor stabilization with filter enhancements
 - v1.7.7 : Night mode update (red-green toggle)
 - v1.7.4 : New icon
 - v1.7.3 : Google Maps update
 - v1.7.0 : Jpeg with GPS tag
 - v1.7 : Material design
 - v1.6 : GPS, True north, Google Maps
 - v1.5 : Action Bar
 - v1.4 : Acceleration sensor on/off
 - v1.3 : Tablet PC support.
 - v1.0 : Smart Compass released (Aug. 2010)

If you have any idea to improve it, feel free to contact me.
Thank you.