July 15, 2015

Metal Detector (v1.4) manual

Hello. I'm Android Boy.

This app is a tool to measure Magnetic Field Levels using a magnetic sensor (magnetometer). Many users are using it to find electrical wires and stud in the wall. First, watch a demonstration video of my user.

Magnetic field level in nature is about 49μT (490mG). When any metal is near, the value will be increased. If this app does not work as you extect, I recommend to initialize your sensor.

 How to use it ???
  - There is no special usage. Just open the app, and move around. The number will be changed. That's it.
  - Magnetic sensor will respond to electronic products (TV, PC) due to electromagnetic waves.

※ Introduction video

 Color grades of chart
① Green : Magnetic field level in nature within tolerance.

② Blue : Too low. The sensor might be weakened because of phone heating and age. You should cool down your phone. Otherwise, replace the battery with new one.

③ Red : Too high. There is a metal object nearby. If the value is very high (+170μT), a vibration occurs. To stop it, click a stop icon. You can turn on alarm sound at the settings.

 If it does not work properly...
  - Several devices have no magnetic sensor. Please verify your specifications.
  - A leather case with a magnetic "snap" can make the sensor out of order.
  - Rebooting or Factory reset will be helpful for initializing it.
  - If not solved, visit a customer center of your phone (Samsung, LG, Sony...)

※ Settings
 - Alarm level : Select the threshold value of alert.
 - Beep sound : choose from 4 different sound types.

Q. This app does not work. Number is zero (0).
A. 1500+ devices had no magnetic sensor (Micromax, Karbone ...). Please check your specifications.

Q. Can it find gold?
A. It is not easy to detect gold. Pure gold is classified as non-ferrous that has no magnetic field.

Q. Why the app cannot detect coins?
A. Most coins are made of copper, zinc, nickel and aluminium. They are non-ferrous metal.

Q. Can it find a hidden camera and ghost?
A. If they generate magnetic(electric) fields, this app can catch them. A lot of ghost hunters had downloaded this app, and they had experimented as a ghost detector.

Q. How far is the effective range?
A. It depends on the performance of your sensor exactly. Anyway, its effective distance is at most 7-8 inches (15-20cm).

 Pro version added features
 1) Compass full version integrated
 2) No ads
 Get it on Google Play

 What's new
 - v1.4.7 : Galaxy S8 support
 - v1.4.6 : share menu
 - v1.4.3 : Sound of/off icon
 - v1.4.2 : Overlay theme
 - v1.4.0 : Drawer update
 - v1.4 : Material design
 - v1.3 : Actionbar added
 - v1.2 : Tablet PCs support
 - v1.1 : Alarm sound added
 - v1.0 : Metal detector released (Aug, 2011)

If you have any idea to improve it, feel free to contact me. androidboy1@gmail.com
Thank you.