August 17, 2011

Metal Detector (ver 1.3) manual

Hello. I'm Android Boy, a chief developer of Smart Tools suite.

This app is a tool to measure Magnetic field values using the magnetic sensor that is built into the phone.

Magnetic field level in nature is about 49-50μT (490mG). If there is any metal around it, the values will be increased.

If the measured value is not accurate, initialize the sensor. In v1.2, the calibration menu was added in order to set the current value as the default settings.

* The color grades of chart
① Green : Magnetic field level in nature within tolerance.
② Blue : Level is too low. Sensor might be weakened due to phone heating and age. You should cool down your phone.
③ Red : Level is too high. There is a metal object nearby. If the value is very high(+170μT), vibration occurs. To stop it, click the stop icon. You can turn on the alarm sound with settings.

* How to use it ???
  - Just open this app, and move it around. The values will be changed. That's it.
  - The magnetic sensor responds to electronic products (TV, PC) due to electromagnetic waves.
  - To initialize the magnetic sensor, point your phone up towards the sky and move it in a figure 8 pattern.

  * If it does not work properly...
  - I found several devices have no magnetic sensor. Please verify its specifications.
  - Sometimes, a leather case with a magnetic "snap" can cause unwanted results.
  - Otherwise, your built-in magnetic sensor is weakened or out of order.
  - Rebooting or Factory reset will be helpful in initializing it.

* Introduction video

Q. It does not work.
A. 500+ devices had No magnetic sensor(e.g Micromax, Karbone). Please check your specifications.

Q. Can it find the hidden camera and ghost?
A. If they create a magnetic(electric) field, this app can search them. Many users use this tool to find the electrical wires and stud in the wall.

Q. Can it find gold?
A. No. Pure gold is not a steel and cannot generate magnetic fields.

* Pro version added features
  1) Compass full version integrated
  2) More models are calibrated
  3) No ads
  Get it on Google Play

* What's new?
  - v1.3.5 : design updated.
  - v1.3.0 : actionbar added
  - v1.2.2 : tablet PC support.
  - v1.2.0 : calibration menu added.
  - v1.1 : alarm sound added.
  - v1.0 : release (Aug. 17, 2011)

If you have any ideas to improve it, feel free to contact me.
Thank you.