January 19, 2012

Smart Flashlight (ver 1.3) manual

Hello. I'm android boy.

I had published Flashlight app, that is in the set 5th of Smart Tools collection.

There are already many famous flashlight apps. But, because many my users wanted to integrate flashlight into Smart Tools, I had to develope it.

Flashlight is just 3 features. I guess it will be enough.

① LED light : If your phone has a camera LED, you can turn on the LED as a torch.

② Screen light : turn your screen into a brilliant light source. It is enough to find your way in the dark.

③ Widget : create the widget on the home screen.

* There are 3500+ android devices in the world. On several devices, it did not work properly due to the different camera modules. Please let me know it, I'll try to support as many devices as possible.

* Introduction video

* Non-support devices
- no LED phone : Galaxy S, X10, XT530, XT531 ...
- xenon light phone : Motoroi
- chinese phone : Huawei(U8650, U8665), ZTE(N860, Blade S)...
- etc : HTC wildfire, YP-G70

Q. There is no flashlight widget.
A. You must have installed this app into SDcard. Move it to your phone.

Q. After a recent update, the flashlight widget does not work properly.
A. It is the bug of Jelly Bean. Remove and reinstall the widget.

Q. I cannot turn on LED.
A. Especially on the chinese phones, the flashlight app cannot turn on LED. See the non-support device list.

Q. Why does this app require the camera permission?
A. LED is related to the camera. To turn on LED, it must open the camera view.

* Pro version added features
  1) Magnifier tool integrated
  2) Timer option
  3) No ads
  Get it on Google Play

* What's new?
- v1.2 : actionbar added.
- v1.1 : flashlight widget added
- v1.0 : release (Jan.19, 2012)

If there is any idea to improve it, feel free to contact me. androidboy1@gmail.com