March 28, 2012

Smart Light Pro (ver 2.3) manual

Hello I'm Android Boy. How are you?

Smart Light Pro is 5th set of Smart Tools suite. It includes 3 tools (flashlight, magnifier, mirror). I'm scheduled to integrate more tools(e.g. luxmeter...) in it.

* Introduction video

① Flashlight
This tool has two main features below.

- LED light : If your phone has a camera flash, you can turn on LED as a torch.

- Screen light : you can turn your screen into a brilliant light source. It is enough to find your way in the dark.

* Flashlight widget
 : On OS 4.0+, long-click the flashlight icon.
 : this widget icon will be shown in the homescreen.

* Menu and Settings

 : Flashlight(Screen) timeout : After a given time, it will be turned off automatically. You can use this feature as a night light at the bed.

* Unsupported Devices
1) no LED phone : Galaxy S, X10, XT530, XT531 ...
2) xenon light phone : Motoroi
3) etc : HTC wildfire, Motomix, some chinese devices by ZTE...

② Magnifier
There are 2 magnifier types.

- Magnifier view (available in portait)

- Full screen
 : flashlight, freezing, autofocus, zoom in/out, screen mode

* freezing feature
 : capture, back, zoom in/out

* More explanations of the buttons
1. Zoom : enlarge the camera view. You can use zoom buttons, the seekbar and the volume button. (not compatible with : HTC sensation, Xperia ARC...)
2. Flashlight : turn on/off your LED light. If your phone had no LED, this button is not be shown. (not compatible with : Galaxy S, ZTE...)
3. Auto-focus : to clear the camera view, you can use the autofocus feature in your camera. You may touch the camera view directly.
4. Screen mode : switch the screen type (Magnifier view <-> Full screen).

5. Freezing : stop this screen shot. You can save and enlarge it by pinch-zoom.
6. Capture : save this screen shot to SD card.
7. Back : go to the magnifier screen.

③ Mirror
The mirror is similar to magnifier except for using a front camera.

- Screen shot

 : Expose seekbar, Freezing, Effect button

Q. There is no flashlight widget.
A. You must have installed my app into SD card. Move it to your phone.

Q. After a recent update, the flashlight widget does not work properly.
A. It is the bug of Jelly Bean. Remove and reinstall the widget.

Q. I cannot turn on LED.
A. Especially on the chinese phones, most flashlight app cannot turn on LED.

Q. Why does this app require the camera permission?
A. LED is related to the camera. To turn on LED, it must open the camera view.

Q. I cannot enlarge(zoom) the camera view.
A. Several devices does not support camera zoom SDK.

* What's new?
- v2.3 : Mirror added.
- v2.2.1 : ActionBar added. Magnifier update.
- v2.2.0 : Flashlight timeout, Screeenshot.
- v2.1.2 : More devices support.
- v2.1.0 : Magnifier added.
- v2.0.2 : Widget notification added.
- v2.0.1 : Widget on ICS support.
- v2.0.0 : released (Mar 2012)

There are 3000+ android devices in the world. I had tested it on 200+ devices. But on several devices, it did not work properly due to the different camera modules. Please let me know it, I'll try to support as many devices as possible.

If there is any idea to improve it, feel free to contact me.