December 1, 2012

FAQ of Smart Tools® apps

  Common Questions
Q. License problem. "not licensed..." or "cannot connect...".
A. See this page.

Q. Download problem. I got an error code 907, 924...
A. Settings > Apps > Google Play Store and clicked on 'Clear data'.
   Otherwise, turn off Wi-Fi and Airplane mode, and download the app via 3G/4G.

Q. Is there a manual or usage ?
A. Each tools have their own app manuals, blog pages and Youtube videos. Open the app, and go menu > manual > visit blog.

Q. I cannot find your apps in Google Play store.
A. It means that your device is incompatible. Many tools require a magnetic sensor and OS2.2 and higher. Please check your specifications.

Q. Camera view becomes black.
A. Other app must occupy your camera. Please reboot your device.

Q. The installed icon does not disappear in my phone,
A. It is a known bug of OS4.1. Just restart your phone.

Q. How could I open your paid apps without internet connetion ?
A. Open my paid apps 2-4 times with connection. After that, they will not check the license any more.

Q. Why does your free app require internet permission?
A. Just for ads.

Q. Can I transfer the paid apps to new Gmail account?
A. Sorry, it is impossible to transfer the paid apps. You have to repurchase it.

Q. Does the apps support ART runtime?
A. Not sure. After OS5.0, ART is supported officially.

  Payments Issues
Q. Why does it charge extra 1$ and more? (in Google Play store)
A. USD1 is just for checking your credit card verification. It will not be charged.

Q. I had changed my phone. Should I repurchase the app?
A. No. If you set the same Gmail account on your new phone, you can reinstall the paid apps without payment for 20+ years.

Q.  I want to buy your app through PayPal.
A. Google Play store supports ONLY credit cards and telecom carrier payment. In the near feature, Google will support paypal officially.

Q. How to cancel my order?
A. You can cancel/refund it within 15 minutes from purchasing. It is the Google's policy.

Q. Should I pay every month?
A. No. Just one-time payment (for $1.50/$2.99). You can update and reinstall it for 20 years without payment.

  Smart Tools package
Q. How to change its unit?
A. At the front screen, go Setting > Unit.

  Smart Ruler
Q. The screen width is not correct.
A. Click [W] icon on the actionbar. You can input your correct width for yourself.

Q. The surface level does not work.
A. Several custom ROM (CyanogenMod) and OS had this problem. They could not activate built-in orientation sensor. Please turn off [Orientation sensor] option at the settings.

Q. I cannot calibrate the level any more.
A. You have to initialize all settings. Go menu > init settings.

  Smart Measure
Q. How to use it?
A. To use the distance tool accurately, you should understand its trigonometry. Watch  youtube video.

Q. How to calibrate it?
A. Select [manual calibration] on the actionbar. If the measured distance is longer/shorter, reduce/add 5%. Try several times. You can find the best calibration.

  Smart Compass
Q. The compass does not work or says "MAGNETIC Sensor Error".
A. Several devices have no magnetic sensor. Please check your specs.
    Otherwise, your built-in sensor is out of order. touch a magnet near by your phone. This way could fix the sensor forcibly. Finally, rebooting or factory reset will be helpful in initializing them.

Q. It shows the wrong direction.
A. The reason is that your built-in sensors are unstable and weakened.
    In order to initialize them, point your device up towards the sky and move it horizontally in a figure 8 motion.

Q. My phone has a view cover. Can it make a problem?
A. A view cover with a magnet (or a leather case with a magnetic snap) can cause unwanted results. Remove it asap.

Q. GPS coordinate does not appear.
A. Your built-in GPS is not activated. Reboot your device and check GPS lcation settings on your phone.

Q. What is the orange triangle?
A. It denotes the topside of your device. No matter how you hold your device in portrait or landscape or even cross but it should be in vertical condition.

  Metal detector
Q. How to use it?
A. There is no special usage.

Q. It does not work.
A. Several devices have no magnetic sensor. Please check your specifications.

Q. Can I find the hidden camera or ghosts with this app?
A. If they generate magnetic(electric) fields, this app can search them. Many users use this app to find electrical wires and studs in the wall or pipelines on the ground.

Q. Can it find gold or silver?
A. No, pure gold and silver are classified as Non-ferrous that has no magnetic field.

Q. It does not react to coins (bottle caps).
A. They are made of zinc, copper and aluminum.

  Sound Meter
Q. It says "Unable to open microphone.".
A. The other app occupied your microphone. Just reboot your device.

Q. Why does it stop at 82 dB? Is it a bug?
A. It is normal. The microphones were aligned to human voice (300-3400Hz, 40-60db) by the phone-makers, and the values of sound pressure stop at 32767.(32767=2^15-1). So the louder sound cannot be recognized. SGS3(81-84db), SGS2(98db), HTC Desire HD(80db), Galaxy Note(91db)... Please use it as an auxiliary tool.

Q. It does not work on my phone.
A. This app receives SPL(sound pressure level) from your phone. Because some phones do not support this method, it does not work on GT-I9001, Xperia(X10mini, X8), LG(LG-P500, LG-P350), ZTE, Huawei, NEC etc.

Q. Where is the Screenshot and CSV file (saved in the Pro version)?
A. /sdcard/smart-tools/, /storage/sdcard0/smart-tools/, /mnt/sdcard/smart-tools/, /storage/emulated/0/smart-tools/.

Q. How to calibrate it?
A. In a very quiet room, the measured value should be 25-35dB. Go menu > calibrate.

Q. I could hear nothing. But it points out 30-40dB.
A. The microphone can catch very low-frequency noise. 0 dB means vaccum (no air).

Q. Are the results dBA weighted?
A. Yes, it had been calibrated by a real SPL meter with dBA. But, because the measured value is not perfect, dBA means nothing.

Q. How to calibrate it?
A. If there is unnecessary values measured by no movement, select the [Cut Baseline] option. And, adjust the sensitivity at the calibrate menu so that the max value is about 10-11. Try it several times.

  Smart Flashlight
Q. There is no widget of the flashlight.
A. You must have installed my app into SD card. Move it to your phone.

Q. After app updating or OS upgrading, the flashlight widget does not work properly.
A. It is a bug of OS4.1-4.2. Remove and re-create its widget.

Q. I cannot turn on LED.
A. Does your phone have a LED? Especially several chinese devices cannot turn on LED.

Q. Why does this app require camera permission?
A. To turn on LED, it must open the camera view.

Q. Does this flashlight send my personal information?
A. Absolutely No. I'm one of top developers of Google Play.

  Smart Magnifier
Q. I cannot enlarge (zoom) camera view.
A. Several devices do not support camera zoom SDK. Use digital zoom.

  Unit Converter
Q. How can I converter from liter to kg?
A. You can calculate it with density. Water 1 liter = 1kg ; Gasoline 1 liter = 0.75kg

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