July 2, 2015

Smart Level (v1.1) manual

Hello. I'm android boy, the chief developer of Smart Tools co.,

For 4 years, I had no need to develop a spirit level because I already released a protractor app. In 2015, I found that most users would not install a protractor instead of a surface level even if they were similar.

It supports both portrait mode (for phones) and landscape mode (for tablets) unlike pro version.

※ Introduction video

※ Main features
 1) Surface level
 2) Vertical spirit level
 3) Horizontal spirit level
 4) Zero calibration
 5) Alarm sound on/off

※ Tile units
 ① Degree(˚)
 ② Percent(%)
 ③ Radian(rad)
 ④ Roof pitch : for US carpenters, 5½/12"

※ Menu & Settings
 - Text size, Text Color, Background color, Show calibration
 - Tilt Units, Orientation sensor, Alarm, Reset settings

※ Alarm on/off
Turn on [Alarm] option at the settings. the speaker icon will appear on the app bar.

※ How to lock / hold
Touch anywhere on the screen. "Holding..." message will blink.

※ Orientation sensor ??
Most level apps are using only an acceleration sensor. But this sensor has restrictions. When the slop is bigger than 60 degrees, the measurement can be inaccurate. In particular, it has a trouble to calculate diagonal tilt.

My level app found the best solution. Orientation sensor!! It calculates tilt using both magnetic sensor and acceleration sensor. The result becomes more reliable. I recommend that you turn on [Orientation sensor] option (if possible).

Several custom ROM and non-magnetic devices cannot activate orientation sensor. Please check your specifications and turn off this option.

 Pro version added features
 1) 6 tools (ruler, 3 protractors, thread) are integrated
 2) No ads
 Get it on Google Play

※ Pending updates
 - Various themes
 - Camera view

※ What's new
 - v1.1.4 : Minor fix
 - v1.1.3 : OS 8.0 support
 - v1.1.1 : Reset menu add
 - v1.1.0 : only for OS 4.0 and more
 - v1.0.9 : Galaxy S8 support
 - v1.0.6 : New icon
 - v1.0.4 : More languages add
 - v1.0.3 : Appbar size bug fix
 - v1.0.1 : Drawer update
 - v1.0.0 : Theme update (grey -> white)
 - v1.0 : Smart Level released (Jul, 2015)

When you have any idea to improve it, feel free to contact me. Thanks.