January 29, 2016

Smart Ruler Pro (ver 2.6) manual

Hello. I'm android boy, the chief developer of Smart Tools co,.

Smart Ruler Pro is the 1st set of Smart Tools suite. It is a collection of the 6 tools (ruler, 3 protractors, surface level, thread pitch guage).

※ Introduction video

Ⅰ. Ruler : for length, by touch
single touch

multi-touch, horizontal x vertical ON

Ⅱ. Touch Protractor : for angle, by touch
single touch, multi-touch

Ⅲ. Plumb Protractor : for slope, by plumb
- zero calibration : click the icon to set to zero.
- locking plumb : touch anywhere on the screen. Red "Holding..." text will blink.

Ⅳ. Camera Protractor : for tilt, by camera
- B/W : change the line and text color

Ⅴ. Surface level : for horizon, by balls

Ⅵ. Thread pitch : metric, US, NPT, BSPT, Screws

 Menu & Setttings

- Scale option for maps and drawings. input [Scale] at the settings.

※ Orientation sensor ??
Most protractor and level apps are using only an acceleration sensor. But this way has restrictions. When the slop is bigger than 60 degrees, the measurement can be inaccurate.

This app provides the best solution. Orientation sensor!! It calculates tilt using both magnetic sensor and acceleration sensor. The result becomes more reliable. I recommend that you turn on this option. But some custom ROM and non-magnetic devices cannot activate orientation sensor. Please check your specifications.

 Measure longer object than your screen (ruler)

 Caliper mode (thread)
 touch the screen with 2 fingers

Q. The screen width is not correct.
A. Click [Calibrate] icon on the actionbar. You can input your correct width (long-side, not diagonal).

Q. The level does not work.
A. Several OS2.3 and custom ROM had this issue. Turn off [Orientation sensor] option at the settings.

Q. I cannot recalibrate the level.
A. You can reset all settings. Go menu > Reset settings.

 What's new
  - v2.6.0 : Sound effect, new icon
  - v2.6 : Material design
  - v2.5 : ActionBar
  - v2.3 : Thread pitch gauge
  - v2.1 : Multi-touch
  - v2.0 : Smart Ruler Pro released (Oct. 2010)

If you have any idea to improve it, feel free to contact me. androidboy1@gmail.com
Thank you.