March 14, 2017

FAQ of Smart Tools® apps

  Common Questions
Q. License problem. "NOT licensed..." or "cannot connect...".
A. Please refer to here.

Q. Downloading trouble. I got error code 907, 924, ...
A. Settings > Apps > Google Play Store and clicked on 'clear data'.

Q. I cannot search the package app in Google Play store.
A. It means that your device is not compatible. The package app requires a compass sensor (magnetometer). Please check the specifications of your device.

Q. My device has no Google Play services. How to install the paid apps?
A. No way to support you. Due to license authentication, all paid apps should be downloaded from Google Play store.

Q. Is there a manual or usage ?
A. Each tools have their own blog pages and videos. Open the app, go menu > YouTube / visit blog.

Q. How could I open your paid apps without internet connection ?
A. Open my paid apps 1-2 times with WiFi or 3G/4G. The apps will not check license any more.

Q. Can I transfer the paid apps to new Google account?
A. Sorry, it is impossible to transfer the paid apps. You have to re-purchase on it.

Q. After OS upgrading, the flashlight widget does not work.
A. Remove and re-create the widget.

Q. Where is the screenshot stored?
A. /storage/Pictures/smart-tools/, /storage/sdcard0/smart-tools/, /storage/emulated/0/smart-tools/. Surely, you can find it in your Gallery app.

Q. Why do the free apps require internet permission?
A. Just for ads.

Q. How can I remove ads?
A. Some apps have ad-free menu. I recommend to get the pro version.

Q. How to mute video ads?
A. Turn off [Sound effect] at the settings.

  Payments Issues
Q. I had changed my phone. Should I repurchase the app?
A. No. If you set the same Google account on your new phone, you can re-install and update the paid app without any payment.

Q. How to cancel my order?
A. In most countries, users can refund their order within 2 days from purchasing. My apps follow Google's policy.

Q. Should I pay every month?
A. No. Just one-time payment (for $1.99/$2.99/$4.5).

Q. Why does the market charge extra $1 and more? (Google Play store)
A. USD 1 is just for checking your credit card verification. It will not be charged.

  Smart Tools package
Q. How can I change its unit?
A. At the front screen, click the more menu (3 dots) > Unit (Meter->ft).

  Smart Ruler / Protractor / Level
Q. The screen width is not correct.
A. Click [Calibrate] icon on the app bar. You can enter actual size (long-side, not diagonal).

Q. The surface level does not work.
A. Some custom ROM and OS have this problem. Turn off [Orientation sensor] option at the settings.

Q. I cannot calibrate the level with zero-calibration.
A. Click the reset icon on the app bar or go menu > Settings > Reset settings.

  Smart Measure
Q. It would not work.
A. Does your device have a compass sensor (magnetometer) ?

Q. How to use?
A. To use this rangefinder tool properly, you should understand its theory. Please watch YouTube video.

Q. The distance is always "MAX".
A. Your device is aiming above the horizon. Please see the checklist diagram.

Q. The result is not correct.
A. Please calibrate your device carefully and enter your height (from ground to device).

Q. How to calibrate?
A. Select [manual calibration] on the app bar. If the measured distance is longer/shorter, reduce/add by 5%. Try several times. You can find your best calibration.

  Smart Compass
Q. The compass does not work or says "MAGNETIC Sensor Error".
A. Some devices have no magnetic sensor. Please check your specifications carefully.

Q. The compass points in the wrong direction.
A. Your sensor is weakened. In order to initialize it (point your device up towards the sky and move it in a figure 8 motion).

Q. My phone has a view cover. Can it make a problem?
A. The view cover with a magnet (or a leather case with a magnetic snap) can cause unwanted results. Remove it.

Q. GPS information (altitude,coordinates) does not appear.
A. GPS is not activated yet. Check location settings on your device.

Q. What is the orange triangle?
A. It denotes the topside of your device.

  Metal detector
Q. How to use?
A. There is no special usage.

Q. Metal detector does not work. Number is zero (0).
A. Some devices have no magnetic sensor. Please check the specifications of your device.

Q. Can I find hidden cameras or ghosts with this app?
A. If they generate electric field, it is possible to search them. Many users are using this app to find electrical wires, studs in the wall and pipelines on the ground.

Q. Can it find gold or silver?
A. Maybe not. Pure gold and silver are classified as Non-ferrous without magnetic field.

Q. It does not react to coins.
A. Most coins are made of zinc, copper and aluminum.

  Sound Meter
Q. It says "Unable to open microphone.".
A. Other app occupied your microphone. Just restart your device.

Q. Why does it stop at 82 dB? Is it a bug?
A. It is normal. The microphones were aligned to human voice (300-3400 Hz, 40-60 dB) by the phone-makers, and the values of sound pressure stop at 32767 (32767=2^15-1). So most devices cannot recognize very louder sound.

Q. I hear nothing. But the app shows 30-40 dB.
A. The microphones cannot catch very low-frequency noise. 0 dB means the vacuum of outer space.

Q. How to calibrate?
A. In a very quiet room, the measured value should be 25-35 dB. Go menu > Calibration.

Q. Is the result dBA weighted?
A. Yes, I calibrated the app with an actual SPL meter with dBA. But db(A) makes no sense because the result is not perfect.

  Vibration Meter
Q. How to calibrate?
A. If there is unnecessary values measured by no movement, Go menu > Calibrate, click [Cut Baseline] button. And, adjust its sensitivity with [+]/[-] buttons so that the max value is about 10-11. Try it several times.

Q. What is the unit of vibration?
A. It has no unit, just the scale for reference.

  Smart Flashlight
Q. The widget disappeared.
A. You installed the app into SD card. Move it to your device.

Q. After OS upgrading, the flashlight widget would not work properly.
A. It is one of known bugs. Remove and recreate the widget.

Q. Why does this app require camera permission?
A. LED is related to "camera and media". All flashlight apps require camera permission.

Q. Does this flashlight send my personal information?
A. No. I'm the top developer of Google Play Store. Please trust me.

Q. I cannot turn on LED.
A. Does your device have LED? Some Chinese devices cannot turn on LED.

  Smart Magnifier
Q. I cannot enlarge (zoom) camera view.
A. Some Chinese devices do not support camera zoom.

Q. I want to remove the layout on the screenshot.
A. After freezing the screen, you can download the screenshot with no layout.

  Unit Converter
Q. How can I convert from gram to litre?
A. "gram" is weight unit, "litre" is volume unit. They cannot be converted. 1L of water = 1kg, 1L of gasoline = ~0.70kg

Q. Where is Torque section?
A. Click the favorite icon (heart) in Science category.

  Unit Converter [for currency]
Q. How to refresh the exchange rates?
A. Click the refresh icon on the app bar.

Q. I want more currencies.
A. The app supports 120 currencies. Select [region] in the list on the app bar.

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