October 25, 2022

Color Picker (v1.0)

Hello. I'm Android Boy, the chief developer of Smart Tools co,.

Recently, some users have requested a color-meter or a color-selector app. Development is not hard, but I kept putting it off because it was a function that wasn't used much.

Sometimes I had to choose the color of a specific screen when drawing an app design.

When drawing app designs, it was sometimes necessary to select the color of a specific screen. I decided to develop a color picker app with a slight modification of the magnifying glass app. :)

※ Introduction video

※ How to get a color
1. Moving - by moving your phone.
2. Touching - by touching the screen.
3. Freezing - after freezing the camera view.
4. Gallery - by loading images stored on your phone.
- Buttons : gallary, auto-focus, flashlight, freezing, ok
  Press the white button. The RGB color code is confirmed at the top. 

※ Menu & Settings
- Sound effect
- Camera zoom

Q. Why does the app require the storage permission?
A. It is necessary to open gallery and load images.

 What's new
 - v1.0 : released (Nov, 2022)

If you have any idea to improve the app, feel free to contact me at androidboy1@gmail.com. Thank you.