May 10, 2018

GPS coordinate converter (v1.0) manual

Hello. I'm Android Boy, the chief developer of Smart Tools co,.

3 years ago, I developed a GPS coordinate API for Smart Compass. It was hard to understand and code UTM/MGRS. After that, I wanted something recycle the API, and some of unit converter users requested an individual GPS coordinate converting app.

※ Introduction video

※ Main tabs
This app is based on WGS84 system that is most widely used. It shows 6 types (DD.dddddd˚, DD˚', DD˚ MM'", UTM, MGRS and Address). It includes Maps for easy use.

1. WGS84 : Coordinate conversion and entering new coordinate. Select coordinate type here.
2. Maps : The location on the map of the selected coordinate. Long-click anywhere.
3. History : The list of coordinates entered.

※ Location permission
This app requires location permission to get your location. I know it is a personal and sensitive permission. If you need to know where you are, allow it.

※ Menu & Settings
- Button position : specify the position of the RED floating button.

Q. I need other coordinate system.
A. It is difficult to add local coordinates. I'd like you to provide me with information about the new system/type. Please contact me at

 What's new
 - v1.0.5 : Address search, Android OS 10 support
 - v1.0.4 : Map types
 - v1.0.2 : Spanish and Russian support
 - v1.0 : GPS converter released (May, 2018)

If you have any idea to improve the app, feel free to contact me at Thank you.