February 22, 2011

Smart Distance (ver 1.3) manual

Hi, guys. I'm Android Boy.

I developed the second Range-finder. I'll call it as Smart Distance app.

This app is a range-finder by the camera perspective of the height and the width of the target. My friend Marc telled me, there already was an iPhone app similar to this. But there is no one at the android market.

* Introduction video

There are too many android devices in the world, that have different camera modules and features. So the measuring something with the camera view was very difficult. I did my best and had calibrated as many devices as 30 devices.

※ How to use
  - To measure the distance, input the height of the target,
  - and then adjust it to the green lines by touch. That's all. (-:

※ Now there are 3 tools for distance measurement.
 ① Smart Ruler (tape-ruler, by touch, Small) : 1-50cm
 ② Smart Measure (range-finder1, trigonometry, Middle) : 1-50m
 ③ Smart Distance (range-finder2, perspective, Large) : 10m-1km

※ Notices
  - For accurate measurement, it is important that you should know the height of the target exactly.
  - Don't worry. If the target is a man, input the height to 1.7m(5.6ft), a golf flag 2.1m(7ft), a door 2.0m (6.5-7.0ft), a bus 3.2m (10.5ft).

- If the measured distance is not accurate, you can adjust it by [Height Calibration]. If the basic is 35, it means a camera vertical view is 35 degress.

※ Pro version added
   1) no ads
   2) measure by the width of the target
   3) Speed Gun added
   4) more languages

* The Boeing 747's width is known as 72m. Now you can measure the distance from the airplane in the sky. (-:

I hope my apps is helpful to you. Thanks.