March 5, 2011

Speed Gun (ver 1.3) manual

Hi. I'm Android Boy, the developer of Smart Tools series.

Speed Gun(Smart Speed) can measure the speed of a moving object by touch.
There are several apps in the market. Most are designed for baseball, hackey, just ball speed.

With Speed Gun, you can measure the speed of everything. But I heard this app was not accurate. To more accuracy, Distance input and Speed Calibration also should be accurate. I calibrated many devices(180 devices), but not all. Maybe yours requires a calibration.

* How to use it
 - To measure, input the shortest distance to the target. (long-click on Distance)
 - and then touch the screen following target.

* Introduction video

* What is the shortest distance?

 - To measure the speed of moving target, you have to input the shortest distance.
 - This app can calculate the length of camera view with it.

* How to calibrate it
  - If the measured speed is faster or slower than the real speed,
    go menu > Settings > Speed Calibation.
  - Select the calibrate value between 25-400%.

* Notification
  - To do this, use a range-finder.
(Smart Distance app is recommended. or Smart Measure)

  - In Smart Distance Pro, both Smart Distance and Speed Gun were combined into one.

  - The more features will be added day by day. If you have any suggestions, let me know.