June 13, 2011

Thread Pitch (ver 1.2) manual

Hi. I'm Android Boy.

In Smart Ruler Pro, there is a thread pitch feature for screws, nuts and bolts. Some users required an independent app. So I developed thread pitch app for the experts of engineering that had a paper to measure the thread pitch.

* Introduction video

* Screen shot

It supports US(15 ea.) and Metric(8 ea.) Thread Sizes.

* Action bar
Pro version link
Unit convert (mm, cm ↔ inch, feet)
input Screen Width
open Menu

* Menu, Settings

Q. The screen width is not correct.
A. Click [ W ] icon on the actionbar. You can input your correct width.
    Please let me know your correct width. androidboy1@gmail.com

* Pro version's additional features
  1) Ruler, 3 Protractors, Surface level
  2) Caliper mode
  3) No ads
Get it on Google Play

* What's new?
- v1.3 : Screw sizes
- v1.2.6 : Type-list on the action bar.
- v1.2.1 : Unit convert icon added.
- v1.0 : Release. (June, 2011)

I hope this app is useful to your job. If you have any ideas to improve it, feel free to contact me. Thank you.