July 8, 2013

Smart Mirror (ver 1.2) manual

Hello I'm Android Boy.

I had published a Mirror app, that will be in the set 5th of Smart Tools collection.
When you want to see your face for make-up or shaving, this app turns your phone into a hand glass by using a front camera.

There are 3500+ android devices in 2013. Only 2300 devices had a built-in front camera (originally for the video call). Does your phone have a front camera? If yes, you can get this app for free.

Usage is very simple and intuitive.
(1) Screen shot

 : Expose seekbar, Freezing, Effect button

 : Pro version link, Close action bar, Menu

(2) Freezing screen

 : Screen capture, digital zoom(x5), back

* Menu and Settings

 : Visit blog page, Landscape↔Portrait, About this app.

* Introduction video

* More explanations of the buttons
1. Expose seekbar : control the brightness of camera view
2. Effect button : select one of camera effects (None, Mono, Sepia, Negative)
3. Freezing : stop the current screen shot
   3-① Screen Capture : save the screen shot into SD card.
   3-② Digital zoom : enlarge the screen shot by pinch-zoom, seekbar and buttons
   3-③ Back : go back to the mirror screen
※ On some devices(upgraded to JB), Expose and Effect features may not be supported.

* Pro version added features
1. Flashlight and Magnifier tools are integrated.
2. No ads
  Get it on Google Play
※ Soon, it will be integrated into Smart Light Pro and Smart Tools package for free.

* What's new?
- v1.2 : UI update. Screenshot.
- v1.1 : rotation and border light added.
- v1.0.1 : camera distortion fix.
- v1.0 : released (July, 2013)

If there is any idea to improve it, feel free to contact me. androidboy1@gmail.com
Thank you.