September 11, 2015

Smart Flashlight (v1.5) manual

Hello. I'm the chief developer of Smart tools co.,

Smart Flashlight is in the set 5th of Smart Tools collection. It is using camera LED and screen. I tried to make it simple and easy. Recently, several users are requesting more features (such as Morse code, SOS, strobe). I'll consider them one by one.

※ Introduction video

My flashlight app has 3 major functions.
(1) LED light : turn on your built-in LED flash to use as a torch.
① Menu
② Battery status : click for battery temperature
③ LED on/off
④ LED / Screen toggle

(2) Screen light : turn your screen into a brilliant light source. It is enough to find your way in the dark.
① Screen Color
② Color pallet : change screen color.
③ Screen light On/Off

(3) Widget : create a flashlight widget on home screen.
① Notification : turn off LED
② Widget on/off


 Bed lamp function
You can use this app as a bed lamp.
① Go menu > settings > [ Flashlight timeout ]
② Choose one of [time + App exit] options
③ Turn on LED or Screen light
④ The app will be turned off at the given time.
- Do not forget to connect a charger. :)

 Unsupported devices
- no LED : Galaxy S, X10, XT530, XT531 ...
- chinese devices : Huawei(U8650, U8665), ZTE(N860, N9520...)
- xenon light : Motoroi
- etc : HTC wildfire, YP-G70

Q. The widget disappeared.
A. You installed the app into SD card. Move it to your device.

Q. After OS upgrading, the flashlight widget would not work properly.
A. It is one of known bugs. Remove and recreate the widget.

Q. I cannot turn on LED.
A. Does your device have LED? Some Chinese devices cannot activate LED. See the unsupported devices list.

Q. Why does this app require camera permission?
A. LED is related to "camera and media". All flashlight apps require camera permission.

Q. Why does this app require internet permission?
A. It is a free version with ads.

 Pro version added features
 1) Magnifier and Mirror is integrated
 2) No ads
 Get it on Google Play

 What's New
 - v1.5.4 : SOS button added
 - v1.5.2 : Support for Android OS 11
 - v1.4.5 : Share menu
 - v1.4.0 : Sound effect On/Off
 - v1.4 : Material design
 - v1.3 : Keep light on, screen color
 - v1.2 : Actionbar added.
 - v1.1 : Flashlight widget
 - v1.0 : Smart Flashlight release (Jan, 2012)

If you have any idea to improve the app, feel free to contact me at Thank you.