September 30, 2015

Smart Measure Pro (v2.6) manual

Hello. I'm Android boy, the chief developer of Smart Tools suite.

Do you know the height of the Statue of Liberty or Tour Eiffel? How do you know it? Via books or Googling? Now you can measure them with Smart Measure app. :-)
Of course, the photos above were manipulated. But if you were there, it could be possible. :)

Smart Measure had two versions.
[Smart Measure Lite] is the free version with ads. (disanace, height)
[Smart Measure Pro] is the paid version without ads. (distance, height, width, area)

※ Introduction video

※ Theory of trigonometry
To use this distance tool correctly, you should understand 1st step perfectly.

- You have to input your height correctly.

※ Checklist diagram
① Stand up!! Don't sit or lie down.

② Firstly, input phone's height and building height.
   Phone's height ≒ your height - 0.3m(1ft), default = 1.5m(4.9ft)
   It means the distance from ground to camera lens.

③ Calibrate your device. You can make it accurate (~95% accuracy).
④ The result is not perfect, just for reference.
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 Manual Calibration
There are 10,000+ android devices in the world. They would show different measurements because of various sensor parts. Therefore, I strongly recommend to calibrate your device with known distance.
If the result is longer than actual distance, reduce by 5% at manual calibration. If shorter, increase by 5%.

 Calibrate Menu
The app supports auto-calibration menu, too.
After placing the back side of your device against the wall completely, click [Calibrate] button. Do it several times. The menu will find your best calibration.

 Menu & Setttings

① Menu
② Manual calibration
③ Height input : it will hide into sub menu.
④ Screen capture

Q. It would not work.
A. Does your device have a magnetic sensor (magnetometer) ?

Q. The distance is always "MAX".
A. Your phone is aiming above the horizon. Please see checklist diagram.

Q. The result is not correct.
A. Please calibrate your device carefully and input height (from ground to device).

Q. The height button does not appear.
A. After measuring the distance of a target, the app activates height function.

 What's new
  - v2.7 : Support for OS 11
  - v2.6 : Drawer update.
  - v2.5 : Material design
  - v2.4 : Actionbar.
  - v2.3 : Manual calibration, Shutter sound on/off
  - v2.1.1 : Camera Zoom
  - v2.0 : Smart Measure Pro released (Oct, 2010)

If you have any idea to improve it, feel free to contact me.
Thank you.

The ideas to measure the distance had an International Patent (July, 2010).
Copyrightⓒ by Smart Tools co., All Rights Reserved.