September 15, 2015

Smart Mirror (v1.5) manual

Hello I'm Android Boy, the chief develoer of Smart Tools co,.

Smart Mirror is in the set 5th of Smart Tools collection. When you see your face for makeup or shaving, the app turns your phone into a hand mirror.

※ Introduction video

Usage is very simple and intuitive.
(1) Main screen
① Menu
② More (sub menu) : landscape / portrait
③ Share : the button appears after screen capture.
④ Rotate : camera view rotation

⑤ Screen capture (with button layout)
⑥ Camera exposure bar
⑦ Border-light toggle
⑧ Camera effect : none / mono / sepia / negative (optional)
⑨ Freezing : freeze current view. A new screen will open.

(2) Freezed screen
① Share
② Flip horizontal

③ Screen capture (without layout, raw photo)
④ Digital zoom (x5) : pinch-zoom, volume up/down buttons
⑤ Back button


 Sharing function
You can share the latest screenshot through sharing apps. This share button will appear after a screen is captured.

Q. My screen is black.
A. Does your device have a front(face) camera? If yes, restart your device. If no, uninstall the app.

Q. Exposure(or Effect) button does not appear.
A. Some embedded cameras do not support the exposure (effect) feature.

 Pro version added features
 1) Flashlight and Magnifier are integrated
 2) No ads
 Get it on Google Play

 What's new
 - v1.5.2 : Support for Android 12
 - v1.5.1 : Real camera view added
 - v1.4 : OS 8.0 support
 - v1.3.6 : Share menu
 - v1.3.1 : Icons update
 - v1.3.0 : Sound effect On/Off at the settings.
 - v1.3 : Material design
 - v1.2 : UI update
 - v1.1 : Rotation and border-light added
 - v1.0 : Smart Mirror released (Jul, 2013)

If you have any idea to improve the app, feel free to contact me at Thank you.