November 4, 2015

Smart Speed (v1.5) manual

Hi. I'm Android Boy, the chief developer of Smart Tools co,.

Smart Speed (Speed Gun) can measure the speed of a moving object by touching screen. There were several speed apps in the market, that are designed only for baseball and hockey speed. This app is not a toy, but one of tools.

※ Introduction video

※ How to use
 1) To measure speed, input the shortest distance to a target.
 2) Touch your screen following the target.

※ What is the shortest distance?
"The Shortest Distance" is a minimum distance between you and a road. You must measure it before using the app. An actual ruler and Google Maps can be a good solution. Otherwise, how about using my rangefinder apps?
  1) Smart Distance  go Blog
  2) Smart Measure  go Blog

※ Menu & Settings

※ How to calibrate it
If the measured speed is faster or slower than actual speed, you can calibrate it with [Speed Calibration] at the settings. 25-400% is a selectable range.
In other words, when the app shows 50km/h even if actual speed is 75km/h, set the calibrateion to 150%.

※ Pro version additional features:
 1) No ads
 2) Smart Distance is integrated
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 What's new
 - v1.5.0 : Android OS 10 support
 - v1.4.1 : Galaxy S7 support
 - v1.4 : Material design
 - v1.3 : Action bar
 - v1.2 : 10 languages support
 - v1.0 : Smart Speed released (Mar, 2011)

If you have any idea to improve the app, feel free to contact me at Thank you.