October 6, 2010

Smart Measure Pro (ver 2.4) manual

Hello. I'm Android boy, the chief developer of Smart Tools suite.

Smart Measure had two versions.
[Smart Measure Lite] is the free version with ads.(disanace, height)
[Smart Measure Pro] is the paid full version.(distance, height, width, area)

* Introduction video

That girl is my daughter. (:

* Theory of trigonometry
To use this distance tool correctly, you should understand 1st step.

* Screen Shot

The measured distance is for reference. Error can occur due to your device model, OS and your indivisual environment.

 : manual calibration, input height, colse the actionbar, open menu

① Manual calibration : calibrate your device for yourself. You can add/reduce by 5%.

② Input height : input your phone height (and the building height).
    Phone's height(h) ≒ your height - 0.3m(1ft)

* Menu and Setttings

* Calibrate Menu

You can calibrate your phone automatically. If it is difficult to calibrate your phone in this menu, use [Manual Caliration] in the ActionBar.

* Checklist Diagram (English, Spanish, Japanese...)

Q. How to use it?
A. To use the distance tool accurately, you should understand its trigonometry. Watch the youtube video.

Q. How to calibrate it?
A. Go menu > calibrate menu or manual calibration. If the measured distance is longer/shorter, reduce/add by 5%. Try several times. You can find the best calibration.

* What's new
  - v2.4.0 : Actionbar added.
  - v2.3.5 : Minor fix.
  - v2.3.4 : Shutter sound on/off.
  - v2.3.3 : more models calibrated.
  - v2.3.0 : Manual Calibration update.
  - v2.2.5 : enable zoom by volume button..
  - v2.2.2 : Tablet PC support.
  - v2.2.0 : new icon. Xoom error fixed.
  - v2.1.1 : Zoom updated.
  - v2.0.3 : Change bubble sensitivity.
  - v2.0.2 : Height accuracy update.
  - v2.0.1 : Enable Portrait mode.
  - v2.0.0 : released (Oct. 16, 2010)

If there is any idea to improve it, feel free to contact me. androidboy1@gmail.com
Thank you.

The ideas to measure the distance had an International Patent (July, 2010).
Copyrightⓒ by Smart Tools co., All Rights Reserved.