September 11, 2012

I got a Nexus 7 (2012).

Hello. I'm Androidboy, the chief developer of Smart Tools suite.

Nexus 7 was not released in Asia.
Today I got it with the help from an US friend. (-:

Essentially, several tools require a rear camera.
(distance, protractor3, compass, flashlight...)

Because Nexus 7 has no rear camera,
Smart Tools package app did not support Nexus 7 yet.
If I support Nexus 7 forcibly, other Nexus7 users will have complaints.

Now I decided to support Nexus 7 in the next version(ver1.5).
I'll show this message in several unsupported tools. "Sorry. there is No camera."

If you already purchased my app and Nexus7 is your secondary device,
this news will be good. Otherwise I do not recommend purchasing it.

Have a Smart day~
Thank you.